Why PayPal ... ?

PayPal offers one of the most convenient and widely-used online payment systems in existence.  It's the number one payment system of ebay and is used by more than 10 million members worldwide.  It's fast, secure, confidential, and best of all, FREE.

If you're not familiar with PayPal, here's how it works...

1.  You create a (free) account with PayPal.

2.  Tell them which form of payment you would like to use for purchases.

   (PayPal accepts all major credit cards and e-Checks.)

3.  Select PayPal as your method of payment on our Order Form.

4.  Your payment is automatically transferred online.
    (You receive confirmation of your payment via email.)

Best of all - your credit card information never leaves PayPal.  Only funds are transferred, never credit card data - and the transfer itself is done using 128-bit encryption (the highest level of security available commercially).

You may open your PayPal account when you submit an Order Form for our products.  (Or, to learn more about PayPal, click here to visit their web site.)

The Wise Choice Collection is not affiliated with PayPal in any way, we merely use (and recommend its use) for online credit card transactions.