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Big n Bold  As the name implies, these necklaces are made with bold chunks of semi-precious stone offset with wood, stone, Silver and Gold.  Sold with matching earrings.  Lengths vary by style:

(Row 1):  Olive Jade and Jasper 18",  Baltic Amber and Turquoise 18",  Bronzite and Antique Pewter 21"
(Row 2): SalmonStone, BlackStone and Mahogany Obsidian 19",  Mother of Pearl, Crystal, and Peace Jade 19",  Turquoise and Amazonite 22"

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Necklace Style:

  (Row 1): Jade and Jasper                    Amber and Turquoise 
       Bronzite and Pewter
(Row 2): SalmonStone and Obsidian   MOP and Peace Jade
Turquoise and Amazonite    

Cost:   $41.00

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